Do Your Clothes Identify What You Are Most Passionate About?

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Clothing has the unique ability to be a mobile billboard of sorts. People telegraph who they are and what they believe by the clothing they wear. From official uniforms to graphic T-shirts, clothing sends a very real message about the person wearing it. How about you? Does your clothing identify what you are most passionate about?

It is interesting to note that clothing can reveal plenty about you without revealing your passions and interests. Work uniforms are a splendid example. How many of us do our jobs because that is how we pay the bills, even though those jobs are not anything we get excited about?

You might have a nurse who absolutely loves her job. Her uniform speaks to both her career and the one thing she loves most. On the other hand, you might have a TSA agent who considers his job little more than a way to make a living. Yet his uniform still tells you something about him.

  • Clothing Outside of Work

It is probably not fair to judge a person based on their work clothing. Most of us work because we have to. We don’t work jobs we love in careers we are passionate about. So if we are going to dress in clothing that truly advertises our passions, it’s going to be outside of work. Could that be why graphic T-shirts and hoodies are so popular?

Plurawl is a relatively new apparel company that supplies T-shirts, hoodies, hats, artwork, and more to the LatinX community. The company was founded by an entrepreneur who felt like he had to somewhat suppress his authentic self in order to avoid being judged both at work and outside of work. He started the company as a means of expressing his Latin heritage and encouraging others to do the same.

Nearly all of the T-shirts and hoodies in the Plurawl collection speak to Latin culture in some way, shape, or form. There are a few pieces that are not necessarily Latin-exclusive, like T-shirts and artwork depicting pro baseball players. You could wear one of their T-shirts as a proud New York Yankees fan who is bonkers over baseball without doing so to promote the LatinX culture.

  • Sports Is a Big Thing

Speaking of the New York Yankees, this whole idea of clothing displaying one’s passions is clearly seen in the sports arena. Professional sports are big the world over. Here in the U.S., the big three are: football, baseball, and basketball. Professional hockey isn’t far behind.

Go to any large metropolitan area or mid-sized city and walk around. You will see people wearing T-shirts and jerseys advertising their favorite teams. Some of those same people have virtual museums dedicated to their favorite teams set up at home. Their cars have team license plates while the coffee mug at work clearly displays the team logo.

We love our professional sports. The clothing we wear and the accessories we keep demonstrate as much. Is there anything else that gets so much attention in America’s collective wardrobe?

  • High-Fashion Culture

Clothes can speak to your passions without printed messages or graphic designs. Fashion choices can speak the message loud and clear. Maybe you are the type of person who prefers formal dress over casual attire. You never leave the house without looking your absolute best. Your clothing says as much about you as a Plurawl T-shirt says about someone from the LatinX community.

To many people, the wardrobe is an extension of their passions and interests. Some people literally wear their passions on their sleeves. How about you?