Different types of women dresses which is liked by all age women

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Are you one of those who instantly know what kind of garment brings out the best in your figure? Although the dress is, without a doubt, the most versatile garment that exists, we must be clear that we cannot all wear everything. Of course, always respecting the freedom of each one to wear what they want, here we are merely talking about a theory of the study of proportions and how stylists and personal shoppers work to highlight the strengths of each person’s body.

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Women’s Dress type

But what type of dress suit on our body? The patterns around this garment are inexhaustible. To know how to choose, it is necessary to be more or less clear what types of cuts exist and which one is going to wear it.

Flared:-   Perfect for both more casual and more elaborate looks. It favors all types of body and silhouette because it manages to mark the waist without overpowering the hips, making it ideal for girls with a complex.

Straight: – Does not enhance the waist, which is perfect for girls with a V-shaped or “apple” body.

Empire: – A basic that does not go out of style. Feminine and sophisticated. Empire-cut dresses are those that have a cut below the chest. It has multiple advantages; if you are petite; it gives you more height and enhances the bust. And if you have a wide waist, it hides it completely.

Yoke: – Cut just above the chest. The detail at the top is the eye-catcher and the endless neckline options it presents make it perfect for girls with more prominent shoulders, for example.

High waist: – The cut is right at the waist; it is very flattering for girls with an hourglass figure or who want to camouflage their hips.

Tube: – The most daring option, but at the same time with the most sensual, you will feel, especially if you wear it with confidence. Being totally adjusted is perfect for both girls who want to enhance their curves.

Low waist: – The cut reaches the hips and is very effective for girls who want to achieve a more uniform and balanced figure, for example, if they have very long legs and a small torso.

Tunic: – Like the straight cut but with a fall. One of the most versatile, as it hardly marks the shapes.

Blouse: – Dress that mimics a loose top blouse. It can be fitted at the bottom, making it perfect for women with small breasts who want to enhance the curves of their hips. It is also an ideal option to conceal wider waists.

Shirt Dress: – There are so many shirt dress designs that the possibilities are many; there is a perfect shirt dress for every girl. It is always in fashion. Loose for girls with rounder and straighter silhouettes and with a belt to mark the waist of girls with a triangular body or an hourglass silhouette.