Different Types of Basketball Shoes to Choose From

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As a basketball player, investing in the right kind of shoes is crucial. While playing, your feet carry the weight of your body. The player is constantly running, leaping, jumping, and moving around. Comfort should be prioritized. Picking the best basketball shoes is not going to be that easy especially if you are buying for another person. 

Outdoor Sneakers

This is the top choice for nonprofessional basketball players. Perfect for those who only play outside. They are durable and can stand the wear and tear and also provide heavy traction. They are usually lightweight and will always make players look good.


High Top Sneakers

As one with the heaviest weight, this type of basketball shoes offer maximum ankle protection and shock absorption. However, because of its weight, it can hinder the wearers’ ability to burst in speed. This can also impact his ability to respond quickly during a fast break situation. This pair of shoes is the perfect choice for players who are larger in size and need more support, especially those who are frequently jumping the majority of the game. 

Mid-Top Sneakers

Unlike the first choice, this type of basketball shoes sit right at your ankle. Because of its design, it offers better movability. Even though it still offers great ankle support, the downside is that it offers less stability during increased movement and jumping. This type of shoe is perfect for all-around players.

Low Top Sneakers

This offers the least amount of ankle support as they are the lightest type in this list. The good thing is that the shoes let the player move faster. Players with the position of guard can greatly benefit from this type. They are the ones who can give up ankle support as they are expected to be able to move seamlessly on the court.

Performance Sneakers

These shoes are designed with performance in mind. It comes in a good variety of options that every player will surely find one that perfectly fits their needs. Although this is more expensive, some players prefer them because they can pick a shoe that would perform the way they play.

Players each have their own preference when it comes to shoes. That is why you need to know what your options are in basketball shoes for men. Wearing the right kind of shoes during the game can greatly make a difference. It becomes more challenging if you are not buying for yourself, but for someone else. So take note of the options mentioned above. Knowing the types of basketball shoes can help you pick the best pair for the person that you are buying it for.