Custom Made Engagement Rings – Are They Worth the Hype

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Everybody likes having at least 1 piece of jewelry that’s exclusively there’s and no one else has that design and pattern. And what’s better than unique handmade wedding rings that’s that piece of jewelry? Having one customized will give you the feeling of uniqueness that you deserve. Having said that, the one question that people often ask is, whether customization is actually worth the money? So, we have made this guide exclusively for such people. Have a look at the benefits of customization after which we will also take you through a couple of engagement rings overland park ks

Here we begin!

1. Customization Offers Uniqueness

You can always visit the jewelry designers who will exclusively be working on your ring and give them an elaborate idea about the kinds of stones you want – raw diamonds, accent diamonds, gold (yellow, white, or rose), or gemstones. 

2. Customization Helps With Budgeting 

Sometimes buying a piece of particular ring can overshoot your budget. So, in order to control the budget, you can prioritize your requirements and come up with a design that’ll fit your budget. 

3. Customization Has a Personal Touch 

There’s no better gesture than letting your partner customize theirengagement rings fox chapel pa. It’s a gesture of love that’s totally worth the feeling of warmth and togetherness that it brings.

So, our call on the matter is that customization of engagement rings is absolutely worth the hype as well as money. And now, as promised in the beginning of the guide, we are taking you through 2 stunning engagement rings that you can get customized at Anouk. Have a look! 

1. Ornate Raw Diamond Halo Ring

This is an amazing diamond engagement ring that is priced at 4800 $. It is studded with 12 F/G VS-SI accent diamonds with a raw diamond placed right in the heart (center) of the ring. 

You can get this one customized with a 14 karat band in yellow gold, white gold, as well as rose gold – whatever you like. 

2. Triple Leaf Solitaire Ring

This engagement ring with a 3-leaf design is a highly customizable option. 

  • You can get the 14 karat band customized in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. 
  • It has a quarter carat diamond that’s studded next to the leaves. You can also get the diamond replaced with gemstones of your choice.