Cool Styles To Go With Co-ords for Women

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One of the fashion trends that seems to be back with a vengeance is co-ord sets for women. Co-ord sets never really went out of fashion. But they seem to be more popular now than ever before.

Co-ord derives its name from the word ‘coordinates’ and means a matching set of top and bottom wear. It does not mean that there always have to be just two items—a co-ord set can even be three or more, with all of the items belonging to the same colour family.

Co-ord sets have always been a great addition to your wardrobe. It is because they save you so much when it comes to choosing what to wear. Spending endless hours deciding what to wear for a special occasion? Co-ord sets save us that trouble by helping us sync in style. Moreover, the different items of a co-ord set are worn separately to build contrast.

Why everyone loves co-ord sets?

Co-ord sets the fashion world because of its reinvented colour, style, print and cuts. These outfits are unique because you can wear them with trousers, blazers and skirts. They can also be your comfort wear as you can choose them for all occasions.

Types of co-ord sets:

Co-ord sets for women come in different shapes, sizes and colours. Among the most popular are classic trousers pants and matching tops. Ethnic-style co-ord sets or dresses that give you an all-black look are quite the rage. Depending on the occasion, you should choose your style carefully to put on a laidback or chic look.

Since they reduce the time taken to choose a dress, co-ord sets can also be your go-to travel attire. They keep you comfortable and exude effortless grace. In the process, they help you make a powerful style statement.

Fashion tips for co-ord sets:

Depending on the style and colour, co-ord sets can help you rock the modern or retro look. Be brave enough to experiment with colours and mix and match to build contrast. You can try different colours or pair one part of your co-ord set with other items while sticking to the same colour palette.

Whether you go out on a dinner date or an office meeting, co-ord sets can make you comfortable. They can also lend you a casual, trendy, sporty, or elegant look.

Rev up your style with co-ords for women:

The art of coordinating tops with your bottom wear can be an eternal headache. Co-ord sets help you lose that worry and stay on top of your style game. You can add dazzling accessories to tailor your looks to your taste and appear gorgeous.

The greatest thing about co-ord sets is that they pair well with a whole new bunch of other items. They go well with pencil skirts, jeans, loose pants and flowy skirts. They add power to your wardrobe by giving you an additional option to boost your style.

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