Choosing your foundation makeup

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How To Choose The Right Foundation For Your Skin - Call Me Lore

Foundation is an umbrella term that covers various other products that vary in color, texture, and consistency. As the name suggests, the foundation is a powder or liquid makeup applied to create an even color complexion. If you are looking for a perfect look, the foundation lays the foundation for all other products. It’s the base upon which you build the entire makeup look.

Simply put, the foundation is a makeup applied to all the face and sometimes on the neck areas to give an even finish to your skin. 

Choosing your coverage

Coverage is the first aspect of the foundation, which refers to the much pigment in the foundation. You need a highly pigmented foundation for full coverage, while those with lower pigmentation are somewhere near medium coverage. If you haven’t used foundation before, the sheer foundation is a great place, to begin with. Light or medium foundation will give you a more natural finish depending on the formula, making it a perfect makeup for daily wear or special occasions. A lighter foundation is excellent for building the coverage that suits you through applying the product to your satisfaction. 

Once you’re comfortable with the sheer foundation, you can move to some full coverage foundation. Full coverage will work perfectly with those suffering from some skin issues like scarring, hyper-pigmentation, acne, a dramatic beauty look, and photoshoots. 

You need to know that it’s tricky to apply full-coverage formulas because the mistakes are visible. But the results are worth the time spent. 

Choose the formula

The formula is another aspect of foundation, and these come in stick, cream, liquid, and powder. The makeup type varies in the staying power and coverage. 

The cream, stick, and stick, range from opaque to sheer, while powder foundations rarely provide full coverage and need to be reapplied throughout the day. 

Choose your finish

Finish is the last piece of the foundation puzzle. 

Most of these foundations can be described as glowing, matte, natural, and radiant. Foundations bearing the words dewy, luminous, and glowing on the package have light-reflecting pigments and give the skin a radiant finish. If you want to make your dull skin look youthful and healthier, those are the foundations to choose. 

Matte or natural types give the skin a natural finish, and they rarely contain reflective elements or mica. Natural finish foundations look like real skin, and that makes it ideal for combo or oily complexions. 

Once you decide the formula, coverage, and finish, you’re on the right track in picking the perfect foundation.  

One year rule

When you open your cream, stick, and liquid, it takes about a year to deteriorate in quality. You can continue to use the foundation, but the integrity of the original product goes down. Generally, if the foundation is in airtight containers, it can go past a year.

When choosing your foundation, you have to check makeup reviews and consider the condition of your skin. If you’re not sure of the product to buy, consult a dermatologist to know what works for you and what can be detrimental. Choose your products from a certified online store where you get the original foundation makeup.