Can Blue Light Glasses Prevent Damage To Eyes?

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You’re not wrong if you’ve ever thought like your eyes are dry and exhausted after a full day of looking at a computer screen. Digital screens generate blue light, which may have adverse effects, including pressure, dry or watery eyes and sore eyes, on the peepers. Your sleep schedule is often considered to be sabotaged by blue light as it starts messing with your sleep cycle (AKA your inner clock that informs you when to rest or be alert).Regrettably, in our daily lives, most of us cannot avoid getting to use laptops, tablets and phones. But how do we cope with digital screens’ negative consequences? (In comparison, when we begin to type and scroll away in silence, we struggle.)

Specially made sunglasses have blue light blocking glasses, which seem to block or filter out the blue light from optical displays. The glasses appear to shield your eyes from sunlight and can help mitigate the possible harm caused by excessive exposure to blue light to your retina.

It can surprise you, but blue light is not responsible for many eye disorders that are affected by digital devices. Multiple individuals suffer digital screen eye pain, but most of the symptoms simply come under a term called computer vision syndrome (CVS). (It’s often related to as optical eye pressure occasionally.) CVS has a wide variety of complications with eye pain and irritation. When staring at the phone, the eyes continually change focus and switch. In addition, the light and contrast can be harsh on the eyes. Your eye pain is not directly from the blue light itself, but you may feel eye irritation from a long day working on your screen.

We don’t blink as much when we look at a digital screen or tablet for too long, which allows the cornea to get dry and annoyed.  Our eyes are stressed and strained while we fix our eyes on something close-up, such as a television or even a novel, which may create eye pain. But if you look at a distant object ahead, our eyes will calm. To know more about it check on sites like

We recommend that you try these simple things apart from using blue light glasses for your screen time to prevent your eyes from damage:

  • Exercise the 20-20-20 law. Get a look at the 20 feet out for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. (This will help calm your eyes.)
  • To help keep your eyes lubricated when you work on a monitor, use eye drops during the day.
  • Sit away from your screen at an arm’s length (about 25 inches). The majority of persons sits quite close to the screen and suffers eyestrain.

Your safest bet is to save your money and just maintain healthy screen habits all day long. But it has been proven that blue light has an effect on sleep, so make it a routine to turn off all visual screens at least an hour before bedtime.