brent emerson Arizona on tips on choosing the best party dress

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When it comes to getting fashionable for a party both long and short dresses can look great. However, not all types of body may look great in all kinds of dresses. Long dresses can emphasize your curves if you are thin and tall, they can also assist to add height and make you look slimmer particularly if matched with heels. If you have an hourglass figure you will wish for a dress that is form fitting and reveals your natural curves. And if have great long legs, a wrap dress may look the best.

Brent Emerson North Carolina, a famous fashion enthusiast says that if you have a rectangle figure you may prefer something flouncier or a flare and fit dress which come in at the waist and then out again to offer your body shape. You may also find that an off-the-shoulder style assists to create shape. This is ideal if you have a fuller figure as well. In this case a longer style is possible to suit better.

A fit and flare dress will suit you if you have slim hips and broad shoulders, as it will assist to balance your body. For this body shape, a V-neck top can add length to your upper body and make your shoulders appears narrower, assisting you to look slimmer and taller. Fit and flare dresses are also perfect if you have a pear-shaped figure which means your hips are the widest part of your body and you want to make shape. Flare dresses are present in long and short styles and it actually depends on how much leg you want to expose.

Brent Emerson NC, a fashion designer with stores in North Carolina and Arizona says that ruffles and frills are quite popular. One of the key benefits of this dress types is that they can be used to add volume in the places that you require, mainly if you have a fuller figure. Multi-layer designs are a rising fashion this year. These put you in control of the look completely enabling you to mix and match colors, fabrics, and lengths to give tone and texture. Multi-layered designs are the most excellent for slimmer ladies as layers can add weight. If you have a voluminous figure and want to cover up areas, then you will want something light and flowy. The cut outs give you an appealing look with small parts of the body exposed without the danger of exposing too much.