Best Tips For Shopping Clothes in Japan

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When we are talking about Japanese clothing, Tokyo is one of the biggest fashion hotspots in the world. There are new trends that are emerging from the streets of Japan that people around the world are following as well. If you are a fashionista and currently in Japan, then you should definitely go out one of the days for shopping. Whether you want a kawaii skirt or traditional kimono or maybe a modern day subtle office wear, you can find it all in the streets of Japan that are flooded with fashion stores. Here are some tips that you can follow when you go out to shop for clothes in Japan.

  • Double Check The Size – the first thing which you are going to notice when checking out Japanese clothing is that they are quite smaller when compared to the ones that we can find in the Western world. The size which you were in in the West will not suit you in Japan. You will always need a couple of size larger because the sizes are kept smaller here due to the natural built of the Japanese people. Don’t forget to check out the sleeve lengths as well. If you usually wear a L sized cloth, you will need a XL in this country.
  • Always Ask The Staff – somethings are quite different from what they are in the West and you can clearly see them when you are shopping. You will see that one of the staff members will continuously follow you when you are shopping for clothes in a shop. So, before you mess around with the products on display, you should ask the staff person to help you out. Japanese people like to keep their space clean and organized at all times. That is why you shouldn’t make the section clumsy.
  • Check Return Policies – before you are buying a Japanese clothing, you should double check the return policies. Just like everywhere else, Japan has some strict rules for return policies. If you forget to abide by them, then they won’t take anything back in return. If the produce comes with a 7 days return, then you should definitely bring it within the seventh day. People in this country are very punctual and you have to keep it in mind all the time. Ask the staff for any return policies.
  • Trial Room Manners – when you are in Japan, you need to be careful about your manners and etiquettes. If you are trying out clothes at a shop you must follow all the trial room manners. Always take off your shoes before entering the dressing room and never step on the carpet area with your shoes on. Women are also offered with white face cover in order to prevent any kind of makeup staining a new cloth. If you don’t find one, ask the staff for it. Never leave a piece of clothing behind in the dressing room because it is considered to be very rude & impolite.