Basic Details to Know Before Buying Rolex Explorer

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Rolex Explorer is one of the most premium Rolex collections and is one of the best Rolex sports watches, which has gained quite a bit of popularity. Here in this thread, we will discuss in brief its history, its features, etc.  

History of Rolex Explorer: 

The emergence of the Rolex Explorer watch dates back decades. The watch went on to get the name of the Explorer when it’s very initial prototype was tested and was seen worn by Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary, the first ever to visit the Summit Everest in the year 1953. This was the same year in 1953 when Rolex released its very first Explorer with the reference of 6298. Later on, in 1953, the reference 6350 got released, and it was then when the Explorer name was on the dial.

Essential Explorer Models: 

  • Explorer 1016: 

In the year 1963, when the Explorer 1016 was released. This came up with the 36-diameter case, along with the black dial with Arabic numerical of 3, 6, 9, and the Explorer’s name written on its dial. The design of the watch was very sleek. But, along with it, the watch was super comfortable to wear for mountaineers and business people; it was very versatile.   

  • Explorer 114270: 

In the year 2001, Explorer 114270 was released. This was the last series of the 36-diameter watch. There was a new movement in its caliber 3130. This movement came along with a new reverser mechanism, a balance bridge in the oscillating weight. In simple terms, the movement was very efficient and robust.  

  • Explorer 214270: 

In 2010, Explorer 214270 was released, and in the year 2016, Explorer 214270 Mark II was released. Multiple features were advanced from the original 214270 watches to the Mark II version, such as the hands were made thicker and longer. The changes did make the Explorer give a feel of a sporty look.  

  • Tip for Buying Rolex Explorer: 

When looking forward to buying the Rolex Explorer vintage style, you must go for 114270 with a 36-millimeter diameter. With this one will also get the traditional case. If you are more inclined towards the larger case, you can always go with Explorer 214270 mark II.  

Rolex Explorer is surely the epitome of how a Rolex sports watch should look, totally chic and classy, and at the same time very easy to wear and carry.