Are You a Proud Owner of Heart Shaped Earrings? Check out 7 Perfect Occasions to Wear Them

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Ever wondered why the heart symbolizes love? Well, some believe that it is the core of life and hence love. Whatever may be the reason, this symbol has expressed this emotion since the 13th century BC. And a jewellery item that embodies a heart speaks much more than words. So, read on if you are looking for that perfect occasion to wear one.

Though generally represented as the mark of love, the heart symbol has evolved to represent many more things. So, now it also depicts the ideas of femininity, unity, captivation, and more. When you own such a jewellery item, wouldn’t you want to wear it when the occasion is just right? Here are ideas of some such sublime moments that you could use to express your emotions through the right adornment.

The perfect occasions to let your jewellery make a statement

1.Getting Ready for a Date?

Show what’s in your heart without saying any words when you meet your date. This is the best occasion to look stunning and make an unforgettable impression. Whether it is the first date or an umpteenth one, this little gesture will always touch his heart.

2.Personal or Office Party

Be it a family gathering or an office party, these little sparklers will make you shine wherever you go. You would love the attention they get you. Also, be ready to give some great advice on choosing the right ornaments for different occasions because of your styling aptitude.

3.Cool things off After an Argument

Have you have been gifted a pair by any of your friends or relatives? If yes, then this is the best occasion to wear it. Break the ice after an argument by putting on these earrings that they gifted with love. When words fall short, symbols can express feelings far better. These will bring back the memories of happy times and cool things off real fast.

4.Valentine’s Day

Can there be a better occasion than valentine’s day for wearing your heart out? Show your valentine the love you carry in your heart through this piece of jewellery.

  1. Wedding of a Friend/Relative

Weddings are the best opportunities to show off your style and elegance. So, use this occasion to wear your beautiful jewellery and make the heads turn. Make sure that you match your dress with the ornament style so that they complement each other. Hence, bring out the best in you and make a statement.

6.Your Wedding Anniversary

Make lasting memories of this beautiful day by bringing out the best in you. Wear your best ornament to show your spouse how much you value this day when he came into your life. And if it has been gifted by him, then it would mean much more. Grow your love by making this a special day with your perfect jewellery item.


In this country of festivals, celebrations are a way of life. Your heart shaped earrings are a perfect way to symbolize the spirit of festivity and piousness. Whether they are made of gold or diamonds, or pearls, they never stop radiating love and solidarity. So, enjoy your Karwachauth, Diwali, Eid, and much more with full passion while looking stunning in the best ornament.

Jewellery accentuates your inner beauty, no matter what occasion you wear it. However, choosing the right adornment for an occasion uplifts your style quotient. Hence, make sure that you pick the right accessories for the right occasion to avoid the faux pas moment it could create.