Gel Manicure: What's All The Hype About?

Nail polishes have always been trendy. After a fresh manicure, we all love looking at our freshly painted nails. In a couple of days, we find ourselves heartbroken because the nail paint has begun to chip. With the advancement in technology, there has also been an advancement in the life of nail polish. This is where the gel nail paint enters. It is that fashionable nail paint that lasts. This kind of nail paint has been increasingly becoming more and more popular. If you are heading to and planning to get gel nail polish, then here is all that you need to know.

How safe is gel nail polish?

Many myths are revolving around gel nail polish, and one of them is that it is unsafe. The nail polish is extremely safe, and it doesn’t damage your natural nails. They would only damage when you start to pick or pull off the nail paint, which many people do. When you pick on the nail paint, it takes off a few layers of your nail along with the gel nail polish, which leaves your nails looking weak and terrible. So when you go to the salon to get your nail polish removed, make sure the technician does it gently and not aggressively. Your nails should be soaked for a while so that the product crumbles. In case there are some bits of the nail polish left, it can be removed by buffing.


What is the shelf life of the nail?

One of the reasons why gel nail polish has become a popular choice is due to its longevity. The polished gel nails last for about two weeks, depending upon the brand which is used. By nature, gel nail polish doesn’t chip. You will know the time for removal has come when you begin to notice that the nails have grown out of the cuticle area, leaving behind a bit of a gap. That is when you should get the nails removed and maybe even redone.


What is the role played by LED and UV Lamps?

You might have noticed that the LED or UV lamps are used to dry out the nails. These dryers are crucial as they help to make the nails harden. The nail paint contains methacrylate polymer, which reacts to the various wavelengths and intensity of LED or UV lights to make the nails hard. The nail polish can’t be dried in the air due to the chemicals present in it.

Is gel nail polish manicure expensive?

The cost of the gel manicure varies from the kind of style that you are getting done. If you get extra things added like glitter, art, or even gems, it would cost more than plain gel nail polish. They are generally costly affairs, but it is worth it. The nails last for about 2 to 3 weeks. It is always worth it is to pamper yourself and have shiny, glossy, and gorgeous nails.