A Guide to Find Perfect Jeans for Your Body Type

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Not all women have the same body shape. The shape of a woman’s body is of five kinds, such as banana, pear, hourglass, strawberry, and apple. If you know the shape or type of the body, then it’s easy to choose jeans suitable for you.

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A guide to find the right jeans

The following are a few guidelines that help you in choosing perfect fit jeans depending on the shape of your body.

Pear shape

Women with wide hips, small shoulders and torso, and slim waist are recommended to highlight their waist as it is defined and small.  Jeans that hold below the waist or low are an ideal option. Also, you can try jeans with bootcuts, tapered legs, relaxed fits, and dark shades over the lower half are the perfect way to give a slim look to your legs and provide space to your bum and thigh areas.

Strawberry shape

If you have a strawberry shape body, then you are lucky. Any jeans from bootleg to skinny jeans, flared, and others give a great look to your frame.

Hourglass shape

Girls with hourglass shape small waist, round hips, and full bust can choose the jeans that glide the body rather than shaping it. Jeans that have wider legs, bootcut, super-tight, very dark, and straight legs are a perfect choice to make your curves look stunning.

Banana shape

For square shoulders, straight legs and hips, and few curves, jeans that fit lower the waist or over the hips is the right choice. These jeans add a more womanly shape to your hips and give an amazing athletic frame to you.

Apple shape

Those with apple body shape will have a short waist, flat bum, slim legs, and large chest. Jeans that have an elastic waist, a bootcut style, and mid-rise waistbands are a perfect choice to divert attention from your midsection.

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