6 Tips for Buying Men’s Clothes

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Surely, you’ve heard someone complain that women’s fashion can be complicated, but what about finding the perfect look for a man or yourself? The truth is that it could be just as complex but it can be easy now with our Kobe shirt. Here we give you some tips that will allow you to make your experience when buying men’s clothing much easier.

Each Head is a Style

For starters, regardless of whether you are buying for yourself or for someone else, you should keep the following points in mind: Who are you buying for? What things do you like? and above all what is out of the question?

If you buy for someone else, analyze his personality, investigate what colors he cannot bear to see or what patterns you know do not go with him.

For a person with less complex looks, then you have to make a list to help you get that outfit that represents him. Here are 5 details that cannot be out of your list.

1. The Size

Not everything is style and personal taste. The correct size is essential. If that pants you chose was a little too big, you can always with the help of a tailor or a dressmaker adjust that piece.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find clothes that are perfect the first time and more if it is for men.

2. Black, the Best Option?

In certain cases, black is synonymous with elegance, unless you are going to wear a tuxedo suit for an event or work, you do not want to be completely dressed in black.

Even if you love to use it and feel comfortable in this color, you will always have other options and one of them is to try other dark tones for the pants, such as blue, green or gray. For this season, military-style cargo pants with pockets throughout are making a comeback. So, don’t let them pass.

3. Open your Mind

Give a chance to other colors that may attract your attention, even if you don’t know if they will look good. Try pink, orange, or red for sports shirts. For long-sleeved shirts, look for the “lumberjack type”, with red, blue or yellow squares combined with dark tones.

Thinking about the torso, take skin tone more into account, as some could work very well and others would not be ideal. The secret to buying different men’s clothing is to experiment.If your purchase is personal, you are ready to explore your options more easily with our Kobe Bryant shirt.

4. For Work

Taking into account the lifestyle of the person who will wear the clothes you are going to buy will facilitate the way in terms of the pieces that you must acquire.

When looking for workwear for a formal setting, button-down shirts, blazers, sweaters, and non-athletic shoes will be the best option.

5. Casual Look

If you are not dependent on a boss, or a corporate dress pattern and there is a bit more freedom, you need something casual. Here the range is very wide.

In this regard, if you are very active, resort to jeans, cotton shirts and comfortable shoes, combined with a dress jacket. So, you can turn the look around without looking too executive or looking so relaxed.

6. The Safety of Unicolor

In fashion there are no rules but there are certain ideas that you probably already know and can be applied to style in general.

If you’re unsure of certain prints, solid colors are a safe option if you’re not ready for certain combinations with plaid and striped fabrics. In those cases, you can break the monotony by alternating with suspenders or a blazer with a fabric that gives support, such as linen, wool or English design.

We all have different tastes and that is why, if you are going to buy men’s clothing, following these recommendations and keeping in mind that style is something very personal will help you hit the mark.

Remember that clothes are an extension of who you are and it is important that you also show it when dressing.