6 Popular Minimalist Jewelry Fashion You Should Follow to Render Unique Style

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Minimalism is all the rage right now. It has become a popular way of life and has changed the way people go about their everyday activities. Everything from home decor, lifestyle, food, and personal belongings have been touched by the minimalism effect. This even includes jewelry.

In this blog post, I will share 6 popular minimalist jewelry styles that are unique and awesome according to my 10+ year’s fashion jewelry industry working experiences and recent findings. They will make you stand out and show off your unique style. Let’s dig into it!

#1 Small, Understated Earrings

Earrings are a wonderful extension of your personal style and aesthetic. In regards to minimalism, small and understated earrings are the way to go. Get rid of those heavy earrings with gaudy colors and unnecessary embellishments. Grab a pair of simple gold or silver studded earrings or a pair of small hoop earrings. These pieces of jewelry are minimalist at their core and they look awesome as well! With creative designers newly works, you can find exponential numbers of wholesale minimalist jewelry types such as simple cross, oval, square and star designs of understated earrings. With the philosophy of chasing simple lifestyle, these minimalist earrings will become the mainstream for future fashion earrings world.

#2 Simple Necklace Chain

People who embrace minimalism embrace the simple things in life. Necklace chains are a fashion statement for those with a minimalist aesthetic. A gold or silver necklace chain with no additional jewels or dangling pieces will add a classic look to your overall outfit. No matter you will be wearing minimalist design clothing or even complex design of dress, the simple necklace chain will always be a good match because it will either parallel with the simple design or contrast with your complicated wearing style so as to render a contrast effect of beauty.

#3 Elegant, Dainty Rings

Many rings have a variety of jewels or diamonds adorned within the band. If you are looking for the latest minimalistic, fashionable ring, you should look into simple bands with the slightest hint of an elegant design. No need for big diamonds or thick bands. Shop around for a ring that is light to carry and light to wear. Your fingers will thank you for it, plus they will look great too with the latest trend of minimalism! Moreover, avoiding bold, complex designs of gems will help you economically save, so you can have comfortable budget for buying even more styles of minimalist rings and wear them with variety for different occasions during your daily life. Wearing minimalist design of rings does not mean simple, most of rings with minimalist design nowadays are well designed with designers’ minimalism philosophy and effort of presenting beauty, and so as long as you match your outfits well, you can always render the best effect of elegance with these minimalist fashion rings.

#4 One Bracelet Instead Of Multiple

Rather than wearing multiple bracelets or layering bracelets or bangles, which can also be stylish, opt for one bracelet instead. Minimalists like bracelets that have simple designs and are not overly outlandish or extravagant. Bracelets are a fantastic way to complete your outfit so does not forget about this important piece of jewelry. Choose the minimalist style of bracelet from wholesale fashion jewelry boutiques such as a simple floral designed one, and solely wear this one piece to match your dress, with its unique fashion charming design, you do not only show off your beauty but display your personal statement as well. In some cases, wearing multiple pieces of bracelets means physical burden, being not comfortable and it may render negative effect towards your beauty.

#5 Pendant Necklaces

While simple necklaces are great for your style, a necklace with one pendant also lends itself a classic, minimalist look. Many fashionistas wear a simple pendant around their neck. The pendant could be a jewel or a charm that reminds you of a happy memory. Plus, personalization when it comes to jewelry helps bring out your personal aura. Comparatively, complex or complicated necklaces are old-fashioned jewelry pieces, you will not want to wear such heavy and complex designs of pendant necklaces during your important events and convey an image of not being fashionable nowadays, right? So be simple and follow the trend of being minimal!

#6 Rings on Both Hands

As mentioned above, elegant, thin rings are classic pieces of jewelry but they can also be worn on both hands. Just because minimalism embraces a cleaner look does not mean that it can’t be worn more than one at a time. Look into beautiful rings that can be worn on either hand. This way, you will look trendier and you get to wear more jewelry but in the minimalist style! It is advisable to choose some unique geometric simple designs such as animal, crucifix, pearl design or bowknot style and wear these simple rings together for chasing the fashion of minimalism.

Keep these 6 different types of fashionable jewelry in mind the next time you go shopping, so you will not feel having no clues when finding the minimalist styles of jewelry. When you find these simple and elegant pieces, be sure to get them as it will help enhance your style by following the recent minimalist fashion and it is fun to wear as well!