6 Footwear Styles You Need To Make A Splash This Monsoon

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6 Footwear You Need To Make A Splash This Monsoon | Etashee Blog

Monsoon 2021 is here, and that means there will be rain and mud all around the city roads. Since you won’t be staying indoors and cannot even avoid going outside; so, you have to be more careful while stepping out in the puddle-riddled roads of the city to protect your footwear from being damaged. 

Monsoon is when you must pack all your canvas and leather shoes and be prepared with your rainy shoes. With different fashionable varieties of rain-friendly footwear available in the market, you can dress up correctly and enhance your fashion. 

In the section below, we have discussed some most unique and trendy rainy footwear you can wear in the rainy season.

Let’s have a look at these footwear styles.

  • Gum Boots

Gumboots are an excellent choice among rainy shoes as they can keep your feet dry and warm. In addition, they have a great look and can even protect you during the rain. 

Thus, if you’re looking for perfect styling footwear for this monsoon, then you should choose a funky colour gumboot; that even goes well along with skirts and a pair of jeans.

  • Ballerinas

Ballerinas are a stylish and most popular option among rainy shoes; they are sleek and can be worn anywhere due to their multi-purpose nature and design. With this footwear, you can even dance and puddle in the rain without having any dirt marks on your skin.

  • Taylor Ballet Flat

The Taylor flat ballet is a unique pair of rainy shoes made from waterproof microplastic and are lightweight, machine washable, and recyclable. Wear these shoes in the monsoon season to pamper your feet and to have a stylish look. 

Ballet Flat consists of a slip-resistant sole that helps you to keep safe on slippery surfaces and massage beads on their insole.

  • Colourful Flip Flops

Flip flops are a great option if you’re searching for rainy shoes. They are comfortable, stylish and are even easier to clean. Also, these flip flops come in different colours you could choose from; they are best to wear during the monsoon season. 

So, if you’re heading outside, make sure to wear your flip-flops to enjoy the rainy day in the best way.

  • Crocs

Plastic crocks are closed-toe footwear that is breathable and provides a firm grip. They are an excellent option for the monsoon season, as they are the most suitable footwear that can be cleaned and dried out quickly. Besides that, crocs are also highly fashionable gear that can enhance your style.

  • Washable Sneakers

Just because it’s monsoon season doesn’t mean that you’re only confined to choose between a sandal and a flip flop. Washable sneakers are another option that is also available for you during the rainy season. Sneakers can give you a casual look, and if they’re washable, they cannot even be damaged due to the mud and rain.

The Bottom Line

Monsoon is a time when you’re supposed to be prepared with your rain gear and footwear. Of course, there could always be the risk of damaging your footwear through mud and rain. However, you must add this rain-friendly footwear to your closet to stay stylish without damaging your footwear.