5 gift ideas for your girlfriend’s birthday

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Birthdays are special days for all of us. They are that one exclusive day when you wake up feeling like everything has to be about you, and it should be indeed! While boys, men, fathers, and grandfathers celebrate birthdays too, it’s a whole different “vibe” for the girls!

A girl will plan her birthday months before the D-day. She will make a list of what to shop for and call it “birthday shopping”, pick out a dress that will catch everyone’s attention, make out a list of who to invite and what not all. This just shows how much girls cherish their birthdays.

They expect their loved ones to remember this day and treat it as it should be. So, if you forget a girl’s birthday keep in mind that it will probably be top on her list of “the worst things that happened to her” it’s even worse if she’s your girlfriend because believe it or not she expects a lot from you.

Is your girlfriend’s birthday around the corner? Are you puzzled about what gift you should get her? Are you running out of time? The pressure to get your girlfriend the perfect gift can be serious when you haven’t got a clue on where to start. It’s also quite under stable for a guy not to know the right gift to get for a girlfriend. However, that shouldn’t be an excuse not to try. Getting your girlfriend that special gift will not only make her day and year, but her love for you will flourish in ways you can’t imagine.

So if you’re out there scratching your head confused about what gift you should get your girlfriend, worry not! These 5 gift ideas should be enough for you to select what would be the perfect gift for your girlfriend. Let’s get straight into it:

1. Romantic dinner date

Yes, every girl wants their boyfriend to buy them a fancy dress, leave it on their bed with a small note saying “wear this, and be ready by 8”. Probably the most romantic idea ever! Your girlfriend’s heart will melt with this idea, believe it. What makes this idea even more special is that you’re gifting her twice, a pretty dress, and a romantic dinner for two. To make her birthday more romantic and special choose a place you know she would love. It could be a new restaurant she’s always talked about or a new place in town. However, the best recommendation would be a quiet little nice place with good food and wine. That’s a perfect date. Your girlfriend will cry and thank you for making her birthday so special.

2. A gift hamper

A gift hamper will make your girlfriend’s birthday. Today, gift hampers are easily available online and in shops, readily packaged for you. The best hampers usually include body butter, lotions, soaps, moisturizers, perfumes, chocolate, wine, creams, makeup, cute bags, and many other cute girlie things. Some shops will even allow you to select what to include in the gift hamper and they just package it for you. You can never go wrong with a gift hamper. They include at least one or two things every girl would love, so you’re very safe. The candy on top is the cute bow used to wrap the basket holding the items.

3. Tickets to a game/museum/show

While it’s true that a girl may want all things fancy and tangible, some girls will love any gift just as long as it makes sense. Take an example, remember that show your girlfriend always talks about but has never been to? There’s nothing that would sweep her off her feet like getting her tickets to go attend. This birthday gift will make her realize her thoughtful you are about what she says. It just shows you’re interested in the things that make her happy. It also would hurt to go outside the box and taking her for a romantic play or romantic movie showing at the cinema. Believe it or not, she will thank you for being thoughtful and romantic.

4. A Spa day

Merely saying the word “spa day” gives off a feeling of relaxation and pampering. Your girlfriend probably works so hard in their life every day and they deserve a good break. Why not reward them with a spa day to help her unwind and relax. And what a better day to switch off your phones so you can both relax and rejuvenate your youthfulness. It’s truly a special idea that will show her how much you care about her and her health. Not withholding the fact that the two of you will get to spend uninterrupted time together.

5. Buy her a ring

Buy your girlfriend a Claddagh ring on her special day. A promise ring makes an excellent birthday gift. Think of it as a way of telling your girlfriend you love her and will be there for her till the end. If she doesn’t understand what a promise ring is (a lot of people don’t) wrap it in a pretty box and give it to her on her birthday. Stick around when she’s unboxing it so you can explain to her what it is. Help her wear it on one of her fingers and pledge to love and stay committed to her.

Final thoughts

See, it’s not so difficult to make your girlfriend feel special on her birthday after all. Your girlfriend is special and she deserves to be celebrated on her birthday or the entire week for that matter. Don’t let that day pass by as though it were a normal day because it isn’t. Go all out with these 5 birthday ideas. A lot of them are super affordable and easy to plan, such as getting her a birthday hamper, spa day, and dinner for two.

If you truly know her getting her the perfect birthday gift will even be easier. Be rest be assured you’ll put a smile on her face.