4 Sweatshirt Trends for Men

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There are a variety of designs, colours, fabric styles available for men in Australia. Buying them online can overwhelm you with choices. But don’t sweat! When you want to buy mens sweatshirts online, narrow down your choices with this guide. 

  •       Sweater vs. Sweatshirts

A sweater is knitted or crocheted, and this makes them very stretchy and soft. They are made of wool, cotton, or polyester. Sometimes they have an open front in which they are referred to as cardigans.

A sweatshirt is more sporty and casual. Though not as elastic as sweaters, the sweatshirt’s inner side has a fluffy texture to retain body heat, hence the name. They are made of fleece, French terry, cotton, or polyester. Some have open fronts with zippers, and can be hooded or not. 

Both garments are used for protection in cold seasons. Sweatshirt, however, is more versatile in use and styling. 

  •       The V Stitched Sweatshirt Collar

In front of a round neck sweater, you’ll see V-shaped stitching, and you probably wondered what it is for. Well, in the 1930s, this V neck construction used to be on the front and back. They did not make sweaters before out of French terry or fleece but ribbed cotton jersey. This material needed reinforcement around the neck to control stretching and absorb sweat. Since sweatshirts used to be mainly for athletic purposes, they added a patch of webbing material. The patch is in the shape of a V. 

  •       Staying Trendy

In modern times, the V patch has since been removed or placed only at the front. There are a variety of designs available, but before you buy one, the important thing is to know how to style it. Here are four effortless ways to do so:

  1. Graphic & Motif

Like graphic tees, graphic sweaters are preppy and head-turning. Add a political statement, support your movement, and reveal your personality.

  • How to style: The logo, graphic, or brand should stand out, so wear with plain bottoms
  • When to wear: campus wear
  1. Sporty

Big logos, designer brands, and hinting sports luxe, this style is big on athletes and fitness enthusiasts. After all, the origins of the sweatshirt are for this purpose. This style is the trendiest and most sought-after mens sweatshirts online.

  • How to style: With a pair of joggers and a cap
  • When to wear: Work-out sessions, everyday look
  1. Solid Colors

Plain coloured sweaters are fun deviance from classic greys. They are still simple but suggest a livelier vibe.

  • How to style: Over the classic denim pants, or as a layering component where its colour would pop
  • When to wear: Workwear, casual party
  1. Classic Grey

The most frequently adopted style, this is one of a gentleman’s wardrobe staple. This style is the most effortless but also most chic. You can vibe a laid-back, creative guy or a serious academic, depending on how you accessorise.

  • How to style: Usually, it goes with anything and can be matched with other neutral colours for a monochromatic look. Vary your textures for a more interesting look.
  • When to wear: Casual and workwear

A sweatshirt is very versatile, and you can never go wrong in choosing one. Shop from home and stay comfortable as when you’re wearing the right sweatshirt.