3 Items to Upgrade Your Vanity

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For makeup lovers, your vanity is a special space. After all, it’s where you practice your art—each eyeshadow swipe and contour blend turns the canvas of your face into a masterpiece. Like any artist, though, you deserve a beautiful studio space—a beautiful vanity. It might seem overwhelming at first, but, in actuality, your space-over will be ready for makeovers in no time with the help of three particular products.

1. Something Functional

When you’re redoing your vanity, the most impactful change you can make, first and foremost, will be adding something that improves your ability to do your makeup in that space. Upgrading to an LED mirror may very well be the most effective improvement you could make! By choosing a backlit mirror, you’ll have an even distribution of light around you whenever you switch it on, avoiding distracting or unflattering shadows in your workspace. This even light is ideal for makeup artistry, as well as hair styling, shaving, and other practices that require good lighting.

Alternatively, a mirror with lights encircling its surface will add a bright light to your vanity area while creating a vintage sense of style, a bonus for anyone craving a little more glamor. Some lighted mirrors will offer a particular level of light, while others will give you the option of low light, medium light, or maximum brightness, depending on your needs at that moment. The best choice for your vanity will depend on your needs and personal preference.

2. Something Aesthetic

Once you’ve added something functional, like a mirror with LED lights at your desired brightness, to your vanity upgrade, you should shift your attention to a visually appealing detail. If you need some inspiration, you’ll only need a few minutes on TikTok, Pinterest, or your favorite image-centric site. Or, you can stick to a particular visual addition with a nearly universal appeal: an indoor plant.

A tabletop houseplant is a great way to add a bit of greenery to your space while upgrading the aesthetic appeal of your vanity and stretching out your green thumb. Indoor potted plants come in a wide variety of styles, so there’s an option for every preference, no matter how much space you have to spare. So whether you add a succulent to emulate your favorite TikTok style or an aloe vera plant for something as functional as it is beautiful, you’re sure to find an indoor house plant that meets your vanity needs and ideal look.

3. Something Exciting

To make the most of your new and improved vanity, be sure to add something that truly sparks your sense of excitement. Of course, it should come as no surprise that some new makeup will often be the most exciting detail a makeup lover could choose! So, if you’re able, treat yourself to that new release you’ve had your eye on or the cult favorite you’ve been dying to try.

If you’d prefer a more budget-friendly option, rest assured, knowing you don’t need to empty your wallet to add some exciting new makeup to your collection in celebration of your new vanity. Websites like Miss A, a Buzzfeed-recommended retailer specializing in low-cost cosmetics, can help you build your collection for as little as $1 per item.

No matter how much you like your existing vanity and accessories, a few upgrades certainly can’t hurt. Consider adding a fun addition, like new makeup, to your collection or a piece that’s functional and appealing, such as a new lighted makeup mirror. A simple house plant can be the aesthetic addition you’re craving or, for the truly ambitious, a combination of all through can makeover your space and have you ready to tackle whatever look catches your eye.a