What is Natural Clothing: 5 Best Fibers and Materials?

For several years, the fashion industry has been surviving on the cotton fabric. However, with all the advancements in the clothes manufacturing industry, several other fabric types have emerged. Natural clothing is one of the chances that the fashion industry is witnessing currently, as this is becoming a popular trend among people. 

Everyone is aware of the fabrics and their advantages. Hence, they are demanding clothes without toxins, chemicals, and factory odors. The fabric used in natural clothing is obtained from nature and there is no mix of synthetic fibers. It is free from unnatural chemicals and other artificial dyes. The fabric breathes and keeps the human body cool.

Fibers And Materials That Come Under Natural Clothing

There are various kinds of natural clothing materials available and some of them are as follows:

  • Organic Cotton – Organic cotton is a popular variant of natural clothing. You will easily find this natural fabric online. You will get attractive designs, better quality, and awesome styles with this kind of material. Organic cotton breathes well and absorbs perspiration instantly.


  • Linen – Linen is a classy variant of natural clothing. The finest suits for men are made of this material. Even women love the breathable and elegant material for their garments. Linen is the best option for natural fibers. The fabric does not stretch and it gets softer with every wash.
  • Silk – Silk has multiple benefits. It is one of the most luxurious natural clothing fabrics that exist on earth. Some of the refined and sophisticated garments are made with silk. It gives a rich and refined look to the person who wears it and feels cool to touch.
  • Hemp – Hemp clothing is a cleaner and smarter option. It absorbs moisture and is a great wear for hot days. It blocks the UV rays of the sun and has antibacterial properties. It does not wrinkle like lines and is highly durable.
  • Bamboo – Bamboo fabric is extremely soft on the skin. It gives a smoother feeling than cotton and drapes wonderfully on the body. It has antibacterial properties and is eco-friendly. Bamboo fabric works like a shield for the UV rays of the sun.

Due to widespread environmental awareness, natural fiber is becoming more popular. Now people are aware of how clothing material can affect their skin, wellness, and energy. Therefore, natural clothing has been awarded higher standards in fashion.

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